Large-scale Builings

Paris Court & Food Hall


Jockey Plaza Shopping Centre

Visuals: J. Medina

The architectural design for the Jockey Plaza Shopping Centre, one of Peru’s pioneering mega shopping destinations, showcases a dynamic space tailored for both local and international events. Notably, the design encompasses the Paris Court and Food Hall, offering a sophisticated blend of retail and gastronomic experiences.

The scope of design responsibilities covered the entire spectrum of development, including detailed design development and drafting. Architectural construction details were meticulously crafted, addressing crucial elements such as public bathrooms, retail spaces, the expansive plaza, parking facilities, and the welcoming lobby. The role also involved closely monitoring and coordinating with construction suppliers to ensure the seamless execution of the envisioned design. The Jockey Plaza Shopping Centre stands as a testament to a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality, creating an inviting and versatile environment for diverse activities within its vibrant spaces.

Centre and Professional Specialisation Centre in Equestrian Veterinary


Thesis Project

The thesis project envisages the establishment of a comprehensive Veterinary Clinic integrated with a Centre of Equestrian Rehabilitation, strategically affiliated with an educational institution offering specialised training in equestrian veterinary sciences. This innovative facility is designed to cater to a multi-faceted purpose, encompassing dedicated spaces for animal welfare, advanced medical veterinary services, student practical training, and inclusive recreational offerings for all visitors. The synthesis of these elements aims to foster a holistic environment that not only supports professional education but also prioritises the well-being of animals, creating a hub for both learning and community engagement.