Interior Design


At Talia’s architecture studio, she takes pride in personally crafting innovative and functional kitchen interiors that seamlessly integrate aesthetics with practicality. The design process prioritises a meticulous analysis of spatial functionality, identifying key zones such as storage areas, sitting areas, and the crucial working area.

The heart of Talia’s kitchen designs lies in the implementation of the ‘working triangle,’ a functional approach that optimises the relationship between the stove, sink, and refrigerator. This thoughtful arrangement enhances workflow efficiency, creating a harmonious and ergonomic environment for culinary pursuits.

Talia’s commitment to precision extends to the development of detailed technical drawings, ensuring that every element is carefully considered and accurately represented. Utilising advanced 3D modelling techniques, she brings these designs to life, offering clients a realistic preview of their envisioned kitchen space.

Explore how this design philosophy transforms kitchen interiors into aesthetically pleasing and highly functional hubs, where every detail, from storage solutions to the strategic placement of the ‘working triangle,’ is thoughtfully curated for an unparalleled culinary experience.


Távara & Sanz Arquitectos (TySarq)

Partner and Project Director

Established as an independent architecture studio in collaboration with a fellow colleague, our practice focuses on the comprehensive design and execution of residential projects.

We specialise in guiding projects from initial design concepts through meticulous design development and drafting phases. Our expertise extends to crafting precise architectural construction details, ensuring the seamless translation of creative visions into tangible structures. As dedicated architects, we take pride in closely monitoring construction suppliers to guarantee the highest quality and precision in every residential undertaking.

With a commitment to excellence, our studio thrives on transforming ideas into distinctive living spaces. Witness our passion for architectural innovation and attention to detail in bringing residential visions to life.

Renders: Talia Sanz     Photos: Maria Eugenia Trujillo