Street Furniture

Pebbles from the River

LFA – PEWS & PERCHES 2024 | Collaboration with Juan Carlos Berrocal

As designers, we not only prioritize layouts that enhance the aesthetics of a place but also prioritize functionality for the end user. Our passion lies in applying creativity to different and unique projects, particularly those that serve a purpose in a given space.

Our enthusiasm for participating in this project stems from a desire to share our knowledge and expertise with London, a city renowned for its continuous innovation in design and construction thinking. Additionally, our interest in contributing to this project is rooted in a wish to give back to the city that has warmly embraced us as immigrants.

The innovative bench that we’ve designed draws inspiration from natural shapes, specifically the forms of pebbles found along the riverbanks. This vision is reflected in the project’s name: “Pebbles from the River,” symbolizing the stones prevalent in the area.

Given that our bench boasts an organic design crafted from recycled materials, we believe it will be a positive contribution to the city and its users. The bench’s composition seamlessly complements various locations across the Thames River, offering a versatile and aesthetically pleasing addition to the urban landscape. Users can take a pause, appreciate their surroundings, and perhaps enjoy a coffee while interacting with this piece of street furniture design.

In conclusion, we find this contest to be an exciting challenge that aligns perfectly with our identity as designers, making it a competition we are eager to participate in.

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